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Bev's Story

13 Sep 2021

Bev's Story

How resilience agenda and mental fitness can open doors and hearts

Let's hear from Bev

I am part of an intergenerational women's group, that draws women from all ages and stages of life together. 

We meet throughout the year for various activities, with the general aim of connecting, supporting, and encouraging each other, as well as having fun!  

In October 2019 we were having a Walk to Breakfast (we called it Walk, Eat, Pray), where the plan was that we would begin the day walking along a river, reach a cute cafe and share breakfast and coffee and conversation together, then walk back… 

This day it was my turn and was asked to share a thought for the day with the group (of 25) over breakfast. 

October was Mental Health Awareness month, and there had been conversations and articles in the media advocating the need for more awareness and understanding of mental health. So I thought it was a relevant place to start....

So I took my Resilience agenda diary as my prop...!!!!

I love my diary and I shared a little of the story of its origins, and its aims.

 I very briefly highlighted the Five pillars of Well-being, and thought how beautifully our morning together was coincidentally full of those good things,.....Movement, (walking) Nutrition, (good coffee & yummy food) Relationships (conversations while walking or gathered around the table), and Mindset..(sharing positive thoughts and praying).Sleep was for later!

I shared how such simple activities could be of such value to us physically, emotionally, socially and, spiritually...and how important it was to build them into our lives.

There was great discussion around the tables following, it allowed us to open up and connect, and there was particular interest in the RA diary…Many took the website details and one lady I know went away with the plan to buy one for each of her kids for Christmas.... 

So thanks for the prop, and the opening it gave me to encourage these women to pay attention to building wellness into every aspect of their lives, and to have the important conversations.

Keep up the great work Hadleigh!


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