Our Vision

At Resilience Agenda, we envision a world where people imagine their mental health just like their physical health.

We envision a world where people can talk about mental health in a language that is free from stigma and that is more relevant, engaging and empowering.

We envision seeing everyone talking openly and proudly about what they are doing to improve their Mental Fitness, just like they do their Physical Fitness.

Resilience: “the capacity of a system to adapt to stress, shock and setbacks and re-build itself when necessary.”

Agenda: “the things that a person or organisation considers to be important and wants to solve or achieve – also, a calendar, planner or diary for taking notes and keeping important priorities.”

Our Beliefs

How are we Changing the Meaning of Mental Health?

We believe that we all have mental health, just like we all have physical health.

We believe that mental health exists on a scale, that some of us are healthier than others, that sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down, and that this is all okay.

We believe that mental health and mental illness are not the same thing, and that being mentally healthy is more than just not having a diagnosed mental illness.

We believe that there are things we can do to monitor, manage and improve our mental health. These factors are skills that we can learn, practice and solidify as rituals and routines.

We believe that training our Mental Fitness, before we need it, helps us to better cope with the changes, uncertainties and stresses of modern life and prepares us to turn challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Our Story

Resilience Agenda was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 by Hadleigh Fischer.

Growing up in a family affected by poor mental health, Hadleigh wanted to find a way to share a more positive, pro-active and inspiring message around mental health with those around him.

Despite being close to mental ill-health all his life, Hadleigh didn’t feel the current approach to mental health awareness spoke to someone like him in an empowering way, or help him build the resilience to increase his mental health when things were going well.

Mental Fitness is the idea that we can be more positive, pro-active, and preventative in how we approach our mental health and wellbeing. An easily understood metaphor, Resilience Agenda uses Mental Fitness to make the insights of positive psychology more relevant, engaging and inspiring to a wider variety of people.

Just like Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness requires motivation, time and effort. It can be hard work involving setbacks. But it can also be fun, social, and make us feel great. It can give us clarity, and might just even prevent us becoming unwell too.

And the best thing? Mental Fitness doesn't assume you have to have a problem to get started.

What have you got to lose?

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