Why Listen

Resilience Agenda Radio is for people who want to go a step deeper to understand what good mental health is all about, how to improve our well-being and how to integrate smart strategies into a busy life. Because we all have mental health, our goal is to make improving our Mental Fitness a daily, normalised and commonplace ritual that makes us resilient and anti-fragile.

Each episode we talk to inspiring experts and leaders to discover new ideas about how to improve our Mental Fitness, one small step at a time.

Resilience Agenda Radio is hosted by Hadleigh Fischer – Founder of global Mental Fitness social enterprise Resilience Agenda. Our mission is to Change the Meaning of Mental Health by inspiring people to think about their Mental Fitness just like their Physical Fitness.

So come on, go for a walk and tune into Resilience Agenda Radio and start taking action on your Mental Fitness today.

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