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Fueling Your Mind: Nutrition's Role in Mental Health with Dr. Lisa Young – Ep.30

Subscribe Now on: Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts RSSOr find us on your favorite podcasting platform! Episode Summary: Join us as we explore the crucial link between nutrition and mental health with Dr. Lisa Young. In this insightful episode, Dr. Young, a renowned nutritionist and author, delves into how our food choices directly impact our mental wellbeing. Learn about key nutrients that support brain health, the importance of mindful eating, and practical tips to incorporate a balanced diet into your daily routine. Discover how simple changes in your diet can lead to significant improvements in your Mental Fitness. What You Will Learn: The essential connection between nutrition and mental health. Practical tips for mindful eating and making healthier food choices. The impact of processed foods on mental wellbeing and how to avoid them. Simple steps to incorporate a balanced diet into your daily routine for better Mental Fitness. About Dr. Lisa Young: Dr. LISA R. YOUNG, PhD, RDN, CDN  is an internationally recognized nutritionist,...