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The Psychology of Money and Investing with Rick Rule - Ep. 26

19 May 2024

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Episode Summary:

In this episode, Hadleigh Fischer sits down with Rick Rule, a seasoned investor and founder of Rule Investment Media. Rick shares his extensive knowledge on the psychology of money, principles of successful investing, and the importance of Mental Fitness in business and life. 

This conversation covers everything from the mindset required for financial success to the impact of cognitive biases on financial decisions. Rick’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to improve their financial wellbeing and overall Mental Fitness.

What You Will Learn:

  • The essential mindset for successful business and investing
  • The importance of creating value for others
  • Practical advice on saving and managing money
  • Insights into the impact of cognitive biases on financial decisions
  • The significance of investing in yourself through education

About Rick Rule:

Rick Rule
Rick Rule is a renowned investor and founder of Rule Investment Media. With a rich career in finance, including a tenure as the head of Sprott Inc., Rick has become a respected voice in natural resources and investment circles. 

His extensive experience and practical wisdom have made him a sought-after mentor and speaker. 

Rick is known for his straightforward approach to finance and his dedication to helping others understand the complexities of the market.


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