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Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking about Breathing and How You're Probably Doing It Wrong with Patrick McKeown – Ep.15

27 Jul 2023
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In this episode, we're joined by Patrick McKeown who walks us through just how we've likely spent our entire lives breathing wrongly.

But how could something we do naturally possibly be wrong? From mouth breathing, to sleeping disorders and the impacts it can have on our development, to the way we stress ourselves out by the way we breathe – we’ll show you strategies that you can use throughout your day to feel calmer, more focused and more in control.

What You Will Learn:

How breathing incorrectly worsens stress and makes us feel even more overwhelmed.
How incorrect breathing can worsen our sleep, leave us waking up exhausted, and how we can overcome this.
How your child's development and learning can be affected by incorrect breathing, and what to do.
What exercises can be done to improve your quality of breathing.

Today’s Guest: Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is a graduate of Trinity college, Dublin. And one of the world's leading experts on functional breathing is the author of several books, including Atomic Focus and the Oxygen Advantage. He's appeared on the BBC and men's health magazine and writes about how everyday people can use breathing to both prevent and treat various illnesses as well as handle everyday life situations better.

Patrick McKeown is creator, CEO and Director of Education and Training at Oxygen Advantage®, Director of Education and Training at Buteyko Clinic International and President of Buteyko Professionals International.


Atomic Focus

Why We Breathe: How to Improve Your Sleep, Concentration, Focus & Performance 

Online Course for Anxiety, Racing Mind and Panic Disorder





Quotes by Patrick McKeown

"You cannot improve mental fitness, unless you target breathing patterns and address the physiology. You cannot improve mental fitness unless you improve that person's sleep quality." 
"By changing your breathing, you have some degree of control over the mind."
“In actual fact we're told to over-breathe. Well, over breathing is – I would say more harmful than overeating.”

I feel there's a pressure on people as well. They need to be doing physical exercise. They need to be meditating. They now need to be doing breathing exercise, but why not do all three at once? Why not do your physical exercise with your mouth closed with your focus and your attention on your breathing?”


Episode 15: Resilience Agenda Radio – The Mental Fitness Podcast


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