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Resilience Agenda Radio - Talking Resilience, Burnout & Being Vulnerable with Dr. Kristen Lee - Ep. 7

27 Jul 2023

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In this episode, we talk about resilience, burnout and being vulnerable. In our conversation, we cover topics including how the global pandemic has challenged all of our resilience, how it is hard and humbling to be vulnerable and ask for help, and the cumulative effect of working on our Mental Fitness each day to prevent burnout. Kristen shares insights on perfection as the enemy, social comparison, and learning to say “no”. Together, we explore the “New Psychology” of conceptualizing wellbeing, as well as how we can talk about mental health openly and normalize it. 

What You Will Learn:

What resilience is, and what it is NOT

How we can encourage conversations about mental health and resilience

How busy people can make wellbeing a priority

Why perfectionism is a harmful trap

What ‘Mentalligence’ is all about

Today’s Guest: Kristen Lee

Dr Kristen Lee (‘Dr Kris’) is a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, award-winning behavioral science professor and author.

A sought-after speaker, her research and teaching interests include individual and organizational wellbeing and resilience, especially in marginalized and underserved populations.

A self-proclaimed “recovering perfectionist”, Kristen’s focus has been the process of Unlearning and Pivoting away from indoctrination that damages human progress.


TEDx Talk: The Risk You Must Take, Kristen Lee

Article: The dangerous downsides of perfectionism, BBC Future

The Power of Full Engagement, by Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz

Professor Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences

Mentalligence: A New Psychology of Thinking (learn what it takes to be more agile, mindful and connected in today’s world), by Kristen Lee

TED Talk: What is imposter syndrome and how can you combat it? Elizabeth Cox

Quotes by Kristen Lee

“There is no health without mental health”

”Resilience is really a collective effort. It’s a ‘we’ effort, not a ‘me’ effort”

“To stay fit mentally, we need to also make those small deposits in our own bank”

“When we attend to mental health in the workplace… it’s a win-win”

“If we know our values, and we’re aligning them with our behaviour, we’re going to be in our best vibration; we’re going to be in alignment”

“Don’t underestimate the value of seeing someone”

Episode 7: Resilience Agenda Podcast

“We’re not ‘human doings’, we’re ‘human beings’”
Kristen Lee, Ed.D., author of Mentalligence

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