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Resilience Agenda Radio - Talking How to Become Indistractable with Nir Eyal - Ep. 4

27 Jul 2023

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In this episode, we talk about ‘How to Become Indistractable’. With special guest Nir Eyal, we talk about how distraction in today’s world poses a very real problem. We explore whether digital disconnection is the answer. In this episode, it becomes clear what the real reason why we experience distraction is. We also talk about how to get things done without a to-do list, and why to-do lists may actually be a problem. The key message of our conversation is, as inspired by Nir’s book, just how we can all become ‘indistractable’.

What You Will Learn:

What traction is, and how it differs from distraction

The reason why we fall into the trap of distraction

Nir’s view on technology, social media and the post-digital age

How we can turn our values into time

4 steps to do right now to make yourself “indistractable”

Today’s Guest: Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal best-selling author, is also a much sought-after speaker and expert investor.

He is an alumnus of The Stanford Graduate School of Business and Emory University.

As well as writing two highly acclaimed books, Nir’s writing has also been published in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine and Psychology Today.


Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose your life, by Nir Eyal

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, by Nir Eyal

Paulo Coelho – Paulo Coelho Writer Official Site

Article: “The Only Thing You Need To Remember About The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, by Robert D. Putnam

All about Jeremy Bentham, philosopher

Quotes by Nir Eyal

”Distraction begins from within”

“The difference between traction and distraction is one word… forethought”

“Is this serving me, or am I serving it?”

“I write to get the answer”

“Values are the attributes of the person you want to become”

“If it works for you… DO IT!”

Episode 4: Resilience Agenda Podcast

“Time management is pain management”
Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal best-selling author


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