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Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking About Cultivating The Meta Skills of Mental Fitness with Mark Van Buren – Ep. 18

27 Jul 2023

Episode 18: Resilience Agenda Radio – The Mental Fitness Podcast

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We often navigate our day to day life on auto-pilot, reminiscing the past and dreaming about the future, taking for granted our current present moment.

In this episode, we're joined by Mark Van Buren who is a Mental Fitness Trainer, yoga studio owner, and a mindfulness instructor who walks us through his practice of awareness, relaxation and kindness (ARK).

Listen on as Mark shares how we can better navigate through the happenings of our life through building skills within the concept of Mental Fitness.

What You Will Learn:

  • How our association with happiness goes beyond having a certain feeling
  • What it means to keep striving for a quick fix in our practice of building our Mental Fitness
  • How to navigate through life when it doesn't meet your expectations

Today’s Guest: Mark Van Buren

Mark Van Buren is a Mental Fitness Trainer, yoga studio owner, and a mindfulness instructor and Bergen County's go-to guide for all meditation and mindfulness-based training. With well over fifteen years of experience in the field, he instructs meditation workshops, lectures, professional development days, corporate wellness classes, and silent retreats in a practical, yet accessible way. He offers simple tools and practices that can reduce stress, help with anxiety and depression, manage pain, and transform the many difficult aspects of life. 






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A Fool's Guide To Actual Happiness
Your Life Is Meditation
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Quotes by Mark Van Buren

"You're not mad that your heart's beating, You're not mad, your stomach's digesting. You shouldn't be mad that your mind's thinking cuz that's what it was created to do. The problem is we take it personally. We identify as it [the mind]."

"When I say you're cultivating awareness, I'm not saying you're cultivating feeling good. I'm not saying you're cultivating getting rid of all your problems. I'm saying you're cultivating the ability to be with your life as it. is. Not, not as you think it should be or as you're expecting it to be."

"You know, when you're asleep and you're having this dream and there's all these people, and there's all these things happening, and then all of a sudden your alarm goes off and there you are in bed. And, it's the same thing with mindlessness, except you're awake." 

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