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Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking About Cognitive Flexibility with Steven C. Hayes – Ep. 17

27 Jul 2023

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When we fight with reality, we suffer.

In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Steven C. Hayes a Clinical Psychologist and an author of 47 books and nearly 670 scientific articles, making him one of the most cited academics in history, and at one point was ranked at number 30 on a list of the world's most influential psychologists in history.

Listen on as Dr. Hayes shares on how we can understand the concept of happiness better, develop cognitive flexibility, and pivot the way we look at hard times.

What You Will Learn:

  • How building resilience can help you navigate future problems and crisis
  • The effects of cognitive inflexibility and how it can impact all aspects of our lives
  • How the stories our minds tell us can change how we view the world and ourselves

Today’s Guest: Dr. Steven C. Hayes

Dr. Steven C. Hayes is a Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada. He is the developer of Relational Frame Theory, an account of human higher cognition, and has guided its extension to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a popular evidence-based form of psychotherapy that uses mindfulness, acceptance, and values-based methods. 





Looking for an ACT Therapist? Check out the following list:

The World Health Organization (WHO) Resource that Steven Mentions:

Check out Steven's Latest Book: 

A Liberated Mind: How to Pivot Toward What Matters

Quotes by Dr. Steven C. Hayes

"If you're really doing what you, you deeply care about and value along that journey is gonna be happy, sad, joy, mad, all the things that happen along the journey, and it's gonna be a powerful, meaningful, happy journey."

"Psychological inflexibility is a train wreck if you wanna predict misery in almost any area of human life…[it will] lead to anxiety disorder, depression, and all that will lead to mismanaging, your health – will lead to disease, [and] will actually shorten your life."

 "In the world of emotion, in the world of sensation, acceptance is the place to start."


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