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Postpartum Anxiety, Depression & Beyond: A New Approach to Maternal Mental Health with Dr. Andrea Niles – Ep.24

08 May 2024

Episode 24: Postpartum Anxiety, Depression & Beyond: A New Approach to Maternal Mental Health with Dr. Andrea Niles | Resilience Agenda Radio – The Mental Fitness Podcast

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Episode Summary:

Andrea Niles, founder of women's health platform Prospera, discusses maternal mental health and the challenges faced by new parents. She shares her own experiences with mental health challenges during motherhood and the lack of accessible support. Andrea explains the basics of perinatal and postpartum mental health, including the common symptoms and the importance of seeking help.

She highlights the need for social support and the impact of social relationships on mental wellbeing. Andrea also discusses the overlooked issue of postpartum anxiety and the importance of addressing it.

She emphasizes the need for actionable tools and interventions in mental health support and the role of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in Prospera's coaching platform. Andrea shares her journey from academia to entrepreneurship and the challenges faced as a female founder in the tech industry. She encourages women to prioritize their own mental wellbeing and seek support.

What You Will Learn:

  • Recognize the Signs: Learn to identify the signs and symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, including postpartum depression, anxiety, and more, empowering you to seek timely support.
  • Build Your Toolkit: Explore evidence-based tools and strategies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, to effectively manage challenging emotions and build resilience.
  • Cultivate a Supportive Network: Understand the critical role of social support in postpartum well-being and learn how to build a "village" of family, friends, and community resources.

About Dr. Andrea Niles:


Dr. Andrea Niles received her PhD in clinical psychology from UCLA, the #1 program in the United States. She has studied women’s health and treatments for anxiety and depression for 17 years.

She is passionate about making effective treatments for perinatal mental health disorders widely accessible and affordable for every mom who needs them.

Andrea’s credentials include research, teaching, digital interventions, and clinical expertise.


    Memorable Quotes:

    • "As many as 20% of women will experience some kind of mood or anxiety disorder during pregnancy and postpartum. And in BIPOC women, it can be even higher. I saw estimates as high as almost 60% of women experiencing these kinds of conditions."
    • "I didn't realize that it was gonna be this difficult... feeling just completely overwhelmed, having doubts about one's ability to be a good mom and support their child in the way that they feel like is best for them. And then the other piece is just not feeling like the support is available for moms."
    • "I actually believe that every mother should have access to mental health support through that transition, like regardless of whether they have a problem or not, because I think that you need that support."

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