Very happy with my diary – already filling in dates for the new year – great size and quality of materials used. Love the positive and practical words throughout.
Sue, Queensland
I saw it on Instagram and thought – wow – that would make a great Christmas present. So I bought one for myself and one for each of my bridesmaids.
Anna, Victoria
I just received mine and I’m delighted. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but its high quality, and I love the message, and I think it will make a difference in my life next year. I’ve already showed people at work and they are keen to get a copy too.
Vanessa, NSW
I’m loving my Resilience Agenda diary because it’s easy to follow. The information and support given is easy to understand and relates to everyday people which is important. I also love it how it explains the importance of being mentally fit, and how you can set goals and plan to become so.
Judy, WA
I wish you the very best and hope that it grows to be a movement of people that are not only aware of their mental health but are actively practicing keeping mentally fit. Keep up the good work, you are inspiring, and I am sure you will have much success
Steph, NSW
Late last year my family purchased several diaries as Christmas gifts. They have been a wonderful tool and really changed the way we think about mental health/fitness. I gifted one to a colleague as well.
Kate, New South Wales
I really like the layout of the diary it’s self, but reading the mental health stuff is really good, it helps me to just “pause” focus on what’s going on around me & that helps me stay on track & deal with things better.
Brian, Western Australia
I use the annual diary. Great quality, great advice, tips and strategies. A good dumping pad too if you like journaling. I've given these as gifts to friends. Always well received.
Paula, Queensland