Why Use A Diary At All?

Paper planners are more popular than ever. Step back from the distraction and pace of the digital world for just a few moments each day, and check-in with what really matters to you.

For most people, that means prioritizing what’s most important to you – whether that’s work, family, or your health. The science shows that we have to make the time to live our values. The thing is, for many of us, our most important health and connection activities aren’t in our schedule.

So it’s no surprise when they don’t get done or we say that we ‘don’t have the time.’ We help you take back control of your time by combining everything you love about a traditional paper planner with ideas and content for protecting and improving your mental health each and every day.

Build your mental health through Mental Fitness

The entire purpose of Resilience Agenda and our Mental Fitness diaries is to give you and your loved ones practical skills to improve your mental health.

Our diary isn't like a diary you've ever seen.

In addition to the weekly, monthly and yearly planners in the diary, it's jam-packed with over 50 strategies, skills and tools designed to remind you to make time for what really matters in how you schedule your time and to beat overwhelm, stress and burnout.

By planning your year, months and weeks around Mental Fitness, you'll find a better balance between work and rest, and you'll find that it's easier to find time for yourself.

Inspiring Monthly Mental Fitness Content

The best part about our diaries and what makes them truly unique is the inspiring and practical Mental Fitness content and activities at the start of each month.

In January, we start with Foundations of Mental Fitness, in February we discover how we all have mental health with the mental health continuum. In the months that follow we introduce insights on topics such ‘How to deal with worry and uncertainty’, ‘How to apply the circle of control’, and ‘How to beat digital overwhelm’ and more.

Over the course of a year, you'll discover a toolkit of skills to help you cope better with life's challenges and build your resilience for the future.

Weekly, Monthly & Year Planning

The main layout of the diary is a 2-page weekly A5 spread that lays out your entire week ahead. Start with your top 3 weekly goals. Here, you can write down the ‘big picture’ projects you need to work on, or you can focus on your wellbeing activities such as those from the toolkit. Time-block appointments with yourself for when you'll apply the skills you learn from the diary.

At the start of each day, we give you space to jot down your daily top 3 priorities. By prioritizing the things that really matter that day, you’ll beat the feeling of overwhelm and ‘never enough’ that can make us so stressed.

Because we like the diary to be flexible, and we know not everyone works the same hours, we’ve left the day completely blank for you to fill in and use however you like. This year, we’ve also included an Ideal Week section for you to plan your perfect Mental Fitness week.

Make it Happen A Year of Mental Fitness

Just imagine if you had a practical tool that guided you each day, week and month to work on your Mental Fitness, no matter what you’re going through or how busy life gets.

By using a Mental Fitness Diary yourself, or giving one to your colleagues or loved ones as a gift, you’ll be sharing the exciting message that mental health is just like physical health, and that we can protect it and improve it through fitness and healthy habits.

After a year of Mental Fitness, you’ll have learnt the Mental Fitness Toolkit inside out, and be inspired to learn more about how you can manage and work on your mental health.

So join 30,000 people every year who use a Resilience Agenda Mental Fitness Diary to stay focused on what really matters.