Mental Fitness Premium Writing Gift Set

The 2022 diary that helps you become stronger, calmer & more focused.

Discover how Resilience Agenda, Mental Fitness & and the skills of The Mental Fitness Toolkit can change your life or inspire a life-changing conversation today.

Resilience Agenda’s mission is to inspire people to think of their Mental Fitness just like their physical fitness and to become more positive, proactive and preventative with how they approach mental health.

Because we all have mental health, and because good mental health is about more than just mental illness, science shows us there are small, everyday and life-long skills we can start turning into habits to make a difference in how we think, feel and perform.

Our diary helps you discover, apply and share these important skills and habits. We help you prioritize and make time for these important aspects of our lives that we often don’t adequately structure or plan our time for.

The 2022 Resilience Agenda Mental Fitness Diary offers you some of the most important insights that will make the biggest difference to your Mental Fitness laid out over 16 two-page spreads. Each month and throughout the diary, we empower you to apply over 50 practical activities and workouts that you can integrate into your busy life.

This year’s diary includes practical topics such as insights on how we all have mental health, creating habits for optimism, how to take an investment approach to our wellbeing, how to reframe stressful situations, connecting positively with others around mental health and dozens of practical insights into things you already know, but may not prioritize like calming breathing, how to get quality sleep and how you become for focused with how you use your digital devices.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your understanding of Mental Health in a relevant, empowering and practical way, then Resilience Agenda’s mission, everyday tools and workouts, the 10 tools of The Mental Fitness Toolkit, and our common-sense and inspiring language could be the place to start.

The 2022 Mental Fitness Diary is available now and is an ideal way to get started on Mental Fitness for the year ahead. Why not pick up some more for friends and family or as a meaningful Christmas or new-year gift for colleagues, staff training and awareness sessions, events & conferences, or as gifts for clients.

We also offer bulk discounts for companies, schools and charities.


  • Our diaries are 100% in stock right now and shipped from our Melbourne warehouse
  • Calendar Year 2022 – A5 size – 192 pages – 210mm x 150mm
  • Dates – 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022
  • Colors – Tahitian Teal | Forest Green | Classic Navy | Dusty Blush | Ultimate Grey
  • FSC (Forest Certification Council) approved non-bleed premium 100GSM paper
  • Vegan non-leather high quality scratch-proof cover
  • Hand-made ten-stitch binding for hassle-free flat-lay and durability
  • Two gorgeous high-quality ribbon bookmarkers for easy quick reference
  • High-quality elastic enclosure band
  • Yearly layout, monthly layouts and weekly layouts – plan your week over two whole pages
  • Fully updated and refreshed content and ‘Make it Happen’ steps for 2022
  • Over 50 monthly Mental Fitness strategies, reminders and self-development tools
  • Key Australian and international public holidays, major events and health awareness dates
  • Everyday resilience tips and techniques as well as weekly inspirational quotes
  • 14 pages of blank space and ruled pages for plans, lists and sketches
  • Yearly travel and holiday planners, birthdays and events planner

Why choose a Mental Fitness Diary?

How can a diary help with mental health awareness and applying Mental Fitness habits into your busy life?

The way we structure our time and prioritize our wellbeing activities impacts the habits we are able to establish and how we routinely respond to stressful or uncertain situations. Essentially, the more we can invest into self-care, the more energy and focus we will have to handle life’s ups and downs.

If you’re like most people, your self-care or Mental Fitness activities don’t appear in our calendar. That means we don’t prioritize them. As a result we fill our time with other, potentially less meaningful activities. Time is never empty, however we often don’t feel like doing what is good for us on the spur of the moment.

By planning activities that are good for our mental health in advance, we give ourselves structure, direction and purpose with how we plan our week. Rather than relying on ‘how we feel’ or fitting Mental Fitness workouts or stress recovery around our other priorities or appointments, using a diary helps us create a regular pattern of activities that suit us, and which over time can become automatic.

Use your electronic calendar by all means for work appointments, while using your Mental Fitness Diary for the things that impact your mental and physical health. Plan ahead when you’ll sleep, what you’ve eat, when and how often you’ll move, when you’ll catch up with friends, and when you’ll sit down to reflect, write, meditate, plan, or reframe challenges.

The 2022 Mental Fitness Diary is a daily companion reminding you of your intention to invest in your mental health. Jam packed with encouragement, consolation, and practical tools, it’s more than a diary – it’s an inspiring, stylish and practical way to start your day.

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