"Connection" Coffee

"Connection" Coffee


Why did we bring out a range of coffee?

What has coffee got to do with mental health?

How can coffee, products or gifts create awareness, hope and inspiration for good mental health?

At Resilience Agenda, our mission is to Change the Meaning of Mental Health. 

That means we want to totally re-imagine how we think about it, relate to it, and develop it. We do this through the idea of Mental Fitness. 

Imagine a world where people think about their Mental Fitness just like their physical fitness. It makes perfect sense when you think about it, but for most people, working on their mental health on a regular basis isn't as common or 'accepted' as working on their physical fitness.

As we all know from working on our physical health, there’s a few things that make a great fitness program. These include a great intention or reason to do it, some skills, activities workouts to learn and get better at, that it’s meaningful and enjoyable most of the time, that we can do it with other people, and that we build great habits, routines and rituals so we can stick at it when the going gets tough or we just don’t feel like it.

It’s exactly the same with our mental health. Just like physical fitness, Mental Fitness is a skill. There’s a mindset, process and set of strategies that helps us to build our Mental Fitness and emotional well-being and become intentional and purposeful about our mental health.

That’s important - whether you’re currently in recovery from mental ill-health, whether you want to be more pro-active and preventative and feel better, or whether you want to really build your levels of mental well-being so you can perform and function at a higher level.

To be proactive, we need routines, rituals and great habits – because otherwise we forget, life gets busy or we have a setback, and then

So we need reminders and prompts that constantly nudge us to commit to what we set out to.

Over 20,000 people love using our diary

And because of all the isolation, lockdowns and social distancing we’ve all experienced this year, we wanted to create something that would inspire

What could be more social than having a coffee?

So, each morning, when you have your coffee, use this special time to pause, reflect and do something for your mental health.

There’s lots you could do:

  • Simply sit there in silence, and be attentive and mindful to the actual experience of drinking your coffee. That’s a form of meditation.


  • Think of the things you have to be grateful for, despite everything that’s going wrong.


  • Get out your Mental Fitness Diary, a journal, or even a piece of paper and just write. Download your thoughts onto paper, and soon enough, they’ll start to make sense.


  • The big one, and why we called it the ‘Connection Blend’ – pick up the phone and reach out to somebody. It could be a forgotten family member, a friend or a quick chat with a colleague to build a relationship.


And that’s it. Coffee. Mental Fitness. Connection. That’s the link. Soon enough, making time for your Mental Fitness, or picking up the phone will become a habit.

And that’s how you build your Mental Fitness. One daily change at a time…

We first make our habits, then our habits make us.

John Dryden

Who are Undercover Roasters?

Undercover Roasters are speciality coffee roasters based out of Brunswick (of course) in Melbourne, and from Bendigo (who’d have guessed) in Victoria.

UCR have a passion for coffee, which speaks for itself in every single cup.

And they are passionate believers in positive mental health awareness and the Mental Fitness approach to making a difference.

UCR sources beans fresh from around the world, with an emphasis on coffee that is ethically-produced, hand-picked and carefully processed.

Their master roasters work with the world’s leading equipment at their state-of-the-art facilities and tailor unique designs

Then we work together to bring it to you within days of being roasted so that it’s fresh, strong and delicious.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we’re going to invite The Mental Fitness Toolkit to your place for a coffee each morning with our next ‘edition’ so we can nudge you to focus on your Mental Fitness. 

Follow us on social media so you can learn more about our next edition and how coffee can help us connect and build our Mental Fitness.

Regular Blend


Regular Blend


Decaf Single Origin


Decaf Single Origin

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All our coffee (for now) comes in whole beans which you can grind at home, or at your local supermarket.

Tasting Notes: Clean and sweet, well-balanced, cherry acidity with notes of honey, nougat, almonds and dark cocoa.

Origin: Colombia 50%. Guatemala 25%. Ethiopia 25%.

Extraction: 92°C 22g dose. 37-40g yield. 28-32 second extraction.