Can you please create a blog spread like this: 

I want to have the image, a title, and some details below… its very visual that’s all 😊 

– Add a submenu button to ‘About Us’ and put Blog in there – until I really build it up with good content I don’t want it too prominent. 

– Make a page that isn’t live so I can update all the content and wording in the backend…if you can make some placeholder blogs (and using my images for example), then ill go in and change the content/images etc and make it all look nice so we can go live. 

– Create 3 blog entries with pictures so that we can get started on the ‘look’ of the page.

– So there will be a BLOG page – that has a page title, but I would also like the option of a blog-scroller on the home page…3 images 

– For the content of these blog – use random text, or just copy paste something – ill change it myself in the backend. 

– For the design of the blog page itself page, you can see these two screenshots below. The top image is cool (has that shadow feel that looks great), it shows someone writing (ill have photos for you of that – just use a placeholder for now), but the entire image is ‘above the fold’ meaning you need to scroll down to see the first of the blog entries – that’s not great…so make the image thinner…