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Resilience Agenda “Stay Well” Plan

As the COVID-19 lock-down evolves, and none of us have any certainty about when life will return to normal, it’s vital that we focus on what we can control: our proactivity and habits toward our wellbeing.Typically, one of the most overlooked aspects of our overall wellbeing is our mental health. Unfortunately, stigma and misunderstanding prevent many people from taking an active interest in their mental wellbeing, while the practical tools and strategies to take action aren’t relevant, engaging or accessible to many people. So we put it off.
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#stayathome Top 5 Self-Improvement Reading List

For a lot of people, staying at home during the COVID-19 lockdown has been the realisation of several of their worst nightmares. You can’t go out, there’s nothing to do, and you’re stuck with your family 24-7.For others, it’s an opportunity to catch up on Netflix, do all the things you’ve always wanted to do at home, re-evaluate what it is that you really miss about the real world, and to reconsider what it is that’s most important in life to you.
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22 Practical Ideas for Working from Home

While many people are now grudgingly getting used to the reality of working from home, it’s something I’ve been doing regularly over the last four years as I’ve built Resilience Agenda from just me to a team of four working around the world. It hasn’t always been as easy as it sounded, and staying productive and creating distance between your work life and home life requires constant attention. Having said that, it’s like anything in life – we get to choose our attitude to it. We either have to work from home, or we get to work from home.
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