Our Story

Imagine if everyone could take action on their Mental Fitness just like their physical fitness, no matter where they start.

What We Do

As Resilience Agenda grew, we started presenting our ideas to companies across the world, giving leaders and employees new mindsets, language and tools for understanding and re-prioritizing their mental health.

Today, we inspire over 30,000 people and dozens of companies each year through our diaries and planners, our podcast, our workplace presentations & workshops, our online courses and our online content.

Learn About Mental Fitness

In 2017, we started Resilience Agenda - what is now one of the world’s leading Mental Fitness research, education and training organizations.

We mapped out our Mental Fitness Toolkit based on the best science, and decided to put together the ‘best-of’ tools and tips into one place that people would regularly encounter them…their daily diary or planner. And so the Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Diary was born.

Check Out The Mental Fitness Toolkit