The Five Pillars of Well-being | The Mental Fitness Framework

Mental Fitness and Resilience

Mental Fitness is a skill. Like physical fitness, Mental Fitness takes work and discipline, but like physical fitness, the benefits are immeasurable – better decision making, clearer thinking, reduced anxiety, stronger relationships and more meaning, fulfillment and happiness.

Mental Fitness is a set of strategies, practices and habits that enable people to not only survive setbacks and hardship in life, but to grow and thrive despite what life throws at us. It allows us to get the most out of the life we have and prepare for the life we want.

Mental Fitness combines lifestyle factors such as quality sleep, good nutrition, positive relationships, self analysis and inquiry, digital literacy, social contribution and continued learning with practices such as optimism, meditation, focus and attention, mindfulness, gratitude, positive re-framing of situations and long-term perspective. Together with physical fitness, these activities constitute a well-balanced life. Each can be individually learned and improved.

The way we use our mind, the things we put into our mind, the way we talk to ourselves all affects the kind of life we lead.

For example, running, weights, yoga are all exercises for the body whilst gratitude, mindfulness, meditation and developing focus and attention are all exercises that can be done for the mind.

The type of food we put into our bodies affects our health. Vegetables and proteins are good for us. Sugar and fats are okay in moderation. The same is true for our minds.

Information is the food for the mind. Excessive social media, constant and purposeless smartphone  ‘checking’, negative talk (or people), and uncritical information acceptance is bad for the mind.

Monkey mind (or distracted, unconcentrated thinking) is like going to a buffet dinner and stuffing yourself full of food. It’s a choice. What are you doing about it?

There are so many reasons to think about Mental Fitness.

  • Our thoughts are all we have and if they aren’t in top shape, our lives aren’t in top shape.
  • Mental Fitness helps us think clearer, have more focus and attention and make better decisions, which ultimately makes us happier and more successful.
  • We will reduce the amount of drama in our lives if we are better able to control and express our emotions (this doesn’t mean bottling it up – it means using them wisely).
  • It makes the whole experience of life so much more meaningful and fulfilling.
  • You’ll be more likely (although certainly not guaranteed) to avoid suffering mental illness or reacting adversely to the inevitable misfortunes that happen in life.

Check out our introductory articles here. Alternatively, you can purchase the 2018 Australian Mental Fitness Diary here which has helpful daily strategies for building your Mental Fitness.

Resilience is the ability to adapt well to change, adversity, tragedy or misfortune. It is the ability to think clearly, decisively and positively during periods of disruption or stress. Whether setbacks are small and daily, or large and (hopefully) relatively rare, Resilience skills allow people to make sense of their lives and what happens to them in a way that doesn’t lead to everything falling apart.

Resilient people are able to bounce back quicker from setbacks, foresee and manage unexpected things that pop up in life, see problems as opportunities and respond better to life’s ups and downs.

Resilience is a skill that can be improved and learned over time. It is not just for people with major struggles, but also a way of thinking about everyday life. This is why we promote proactive development of Mental Fitness as an ongoing lifestyle choice.

Resilience Agenda exists to change the meaning of mental health. We want people to think about Mental Fitness like they do their Physical Fitness. We want to make Mental Fitness simple to understand, practical to do, and great fun to learn about.

We make beautifully designed products that help people integrate Mental Fitness strategies and ideas into their everyday lives.

Resilience Agenda is a social business, meaning that at its heart, its purpose is to help solve the increase in anxiety and depression people face each day, whilst being profitable, self-supporting and able to grow.

The Resilience Framework is a set of practices and habits that help people get the most out of life and deal better with major life changes or everyday problems.

The key elements of the Framework are:

  • Mindfulness – Becoming aware of the stories we tell ourselves in our mind on a daily basis
  • Gratitude – Appreciating what we already have as a way of building mental wellness
  • Optimism – Develop a positive attitude for dealing with the inevitable setbacks in life
  • Positive Re-framing – Learn to use life’s problems as an opportunity rather than a threat
  • Think Long-Term – Think smarter and more strategically than ever before

Congrats. The first step is to realise that something might be wrong.

The next step is to talk to somebody. It could be your partner, your friend, a colleague, your hairdresser or someone from sport. Just take them aside and ask to chat, and say ‘Can we have a talk for ten minutes?’

Anyone can use the resources of Resilience Agenda to build their Mental Fitness. However, we are not a medical organisation. We are a company committed to helping people build their mental fitness – think of us like personal trainers.

If stress, anxiety or depression is taking its toll, affecting your sleep, relationships or work, then seeking advice is a great idea.

Speak to your Doctor, or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Other resources in Australia include:

Beyond Blue – Anxiety and Depression – www.beyondblue.org.au

RU Okay? – Suicide Prevention – www.ruok.org.au

Lifeline – Crisis Support – www.lifeline.org.au

Keep being a supporting friend, partner, colleague and supporter. Listen, and say ‘I understand’, or ‘I believe you.’  Ask questions if its appropriate to do so. Ask if talking about it helps, and then suggest that the person seek professional guidance from a doctor, psychologist or counsellor.

Tell them you will keep supporting them, you are there for them, and that you are available any time to talk.

There’s a couple of things:

  • We talk about Mental Fitness in a positive, practical and engaging way. A lot of medical and psychology websites make it sound like a foreign language
  • We use the term Mental Fitness rather than Mental Health or Mental Wellness because it makes more sense. People know what fitness means. You have to work at it, there are skills to learn, and yet sometimes we get injured. It makes more sense.
  • Instead of instantly saying to people “Go see your doctor and get some pills” we instead encourage people to talk to someone about their feelings. We use the term getting ‘advice’ rather than ‘help’ because not everyone wants help, but no one minds advice.

Good question – Resilience is a word that means a lot to Resilience Agenda founder Hadleigh about dealing with life’s ups and downs.

It means mental strength, staying sharp and being able adaptable to life’s circumstances.

Agenda has two meanings. It’s the European word for diary, and we want to make the topic of Mental Health, Mental Fitness and Resilience ‘on the agenda’ in people’s lives.

So we thought that sounded pretty smart.

Questions About Products

Good question – depends which country you are in. The 2019 Australian Mental Fitness Diary is a 365 day diary, planner and appointment book with great mental health workouts, and inspirational tips and strategies to keep you motivated and positive throughout the week.

In Australia, we call planners diaries.

In the US, a diary is something you write in to put down your thoughts or concerns on paper. In Australia we call this a journal. Don’t worry America – what you are buying is a planner, not ‘Dear Diary.’

In Europe, diaries are called Agendas.

It’s confusing, but it’s awesome and groundbreaking and is making a massive splash in advancing the Mental Health awareness and action conversation.

Firstly, smartphones are great. But so is paper and pen. There’s something about getting our ideas, to-do- lists, and thoughts down on paper and separating our thoughts from the mind that created them. This loosens the hold of negative thoughts from building within us, and helps positive thoughts creatively fit-together. On paper, things often seem more organized and settled than on digital devices.

Secondly, for many people, the idea of having a physical book to refer to and get an overview of everything that’s going on is essential and calming.

Thirdly, its great to get away from technology for even just ten minutes a day – it does wonders for calmness.

Other than it looking really nice with high quality textured leather and premium paper, the 2019 Resilience Agenda Mental Fitness Diary is different to normal planners in two main ways.

Firstly, it has everything you need for a yearly planner, and nothing you don’t. It’s got travel planners, school and public holidays and events guides for example, as well as a daily priorities section, beautifully crafted design and minimalist layout.

Secondly, and we think most importantly, the theme throughout the planner is Mental Fitness. It has lots of strategies, tips and ideas for improving mental fitness in an easy-to-understand and encouraging way. It’s full of carefully selected inspirational quotes, templates for designing your own Mental Fitness workout and practical solutions for guiding you through the year at your own pace.

Most likely on its way.

When your Resilience Agenda has been paid for,  it is then dispatched and shipped within 24 hours. Once its been shipped, you will receive a tracking notice from the shipping company confirming your Diary is on its way.

We ship from our Melbourne Distribution Centre. Following dispatch, estimated delivery times are:

Melb/Syd: 1-2 days

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Perth: 5-7 days (sorry, it’s just how it is)

Darwin: 5-7 days

If it is not on your door step within 7 days – definitely get in touch.

Overseas, the time-frame will vary, and will usually take between 7-14 business days depending on your country of residence and how nice your customers officials are.

Yes, we’d love to send you a Diary overseas so you can take the Mental Fitness message to your country – it just takes a couple of extra days to get to you, and we have to charge a little extra for postage – but its worth it!

If you are having trouble, just email us here.

Usually, your Resilience Agenda ships within hours of your order so that we can get it to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately this means that cancelling orders is usually impossible. We make no guarantees that we will be able to cancel your order before it dispatches. To know about the nitty gritty details check out our returns policy.

It’s just not possible to stop every shipment. Once we have sent it to you, the money has been received by our bank, and its harder than you think to get it off them! If you change your mind, we’d love you to use the Diary as an awesome gift for somebody.

If you want your money back that’s okay, but you’ll need to return it to us within 30 days of purchase, in its original box, and you’ll need to pay for the shipping back to the warehouse at your own expense. Shipping really isn’t free, and we actually for it to get your Diary to you – we just like a ‘no extra costs’ policy when you check out. Please also include in the box a note with your original order number so we know who it belongs to.

We hope that if you did order the wrong number by accident, that you can use it as a thoughtful gift for someone as well.

Resilience Agenda is a social business, meaning that at its heart, its purpose is to help solve the increase in anxiety and depression people face each day, yet whilst being able to keep the doors open and the lights on.

Thanks for your understanding.

Unfortunately, once an order has shipped, we are unable to modify it.

Postage is flat rate – so its the same whether you order 1 or 7. That means big savings for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to modify an order once its been sent. We process orders within hours so we can get your products to you as quickly as possible. If you have included the wrong details, please send us an email here as soon as you notice and we might be able to fix it if you are lucky.

If your email has gone to the wrong address, or is sent back to our Distribution Centre, that’s annoying, and it might take a few extra days to get it to you.

That’s rare, and unfortunate. First of all, tell us what’s wrong with it and if you’d like an exchange. Secondly, go to your original order confirmation number (its in your emails). Then send us an email here and we will help you out.

Without waiting for us to get back to you, place your diary back in its original packaging and send it back to us within 30 days at Resilience Agenda Distribution, 11 Production Drive, Campbellfield, 3061.

Once again, please include a note telling us what is wrong with it and your original order number.

If you really want your money back then we will then get you your money back and we will refund you your shipping you paid to get it back to us provided you send it back within 30 days of purchase.

And we’d be sorry for the inconvenience and hope you come back to us again soon.

As a small business, we are unable to offer phone service, as much as we’d love to. We’d love to, but can’t. We do love receiving your emails though, and if you send one here, a caring real person will email back.

There are plenty of ways to get in touch however including on Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in and YouTube.

There are a few secret physical locations around Australia, but the best place for now is through the website at www.resilienceagenda.com – you’ve come this far. It’s only one click away.

Firstly, we only use FSC (Forest Certification Council) paper.

Secondly, we don’t use real leather – we use high quality bonded synthetic leather which feels great and which doesn’t belch CO2.

Thirdly, our packaging is recyclable, reusable and made with FSC certified cardboard.

Resilience Agenda is a social business. This means that we exist to fulfil a social mission. After paying for the costs of product (printing, packaging, postage, design, marketing, IT, admin) and salaries, the rest is invested into the business to grow and share the Mental Fitness message with more people. 10% of profits each year are donated to proactive and prevention focused Mental Health charities.

You are the kind of person we need – send us an email here and we can figure out a way for you to get involved.