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Kristen Lee TEDx

Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking Resilience, Burnout & Being Vulnerable with Dr. Kristen Lee – Ep. 7

In this episode, we talk about resilience, burnout and being vulnerable. In our conversation, we cover topics including how the global pandemic has challenged all of our resilience, how it is hard and humbling to be vulnerable and ask for help, and the cumulative effect of working on our Mental Fitness each day to prevent burnout. Kristen shares insights on perfection as the enemy, social comparison, and learning to say “no”. Together, we explore the “New Psychology” of conceptualizing wellbeing, as well as how we can talk about mental health openly and normalize it.
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Steph Robinson

Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking Important Mental Health Conversations with Steph Robinson – Ep. 5

Today’s episode could possibly be the most important we ever produce. We talk about important mental health crisis conversations. We speak with Steph Robinson, CEO of Lifeline Central West (covering rural New South Wales, Australia) – a service at the forefront of suicide prevention and dealing with mental health crises. Steph shares the wide variety of unique challenges in preventing suicide in rural areas, and the importance of building connections and relationships. We discuss the important role that people without mental health issues can play, and how to have those difficult conversations that may actually save a life.
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Nir Eyal

Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking How to Become Indistractable with Nir Eyal – Ep. 4

In this episode, we talk about ‘How to Become Indistractable’. With special guest Nir Eyal, we talk about how distraction in today’s world poses a very real problem. We explore whether digital disconnection is the answer. In this episode, it becomes clear what the real reason why we experience distraction is. We also talk about how to get things done without a to-do list, and why to-do lists may actually be a problem. The key message of our conversation is, as inspired by Nir’s book, just how we can all become ‘indistractable’.
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Jocelyn Brewer

Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking Digital Nutrition™ With Jocelyn Brewer – Ep. 3

In this episode, we talk all about Digital Nutrition. Our guest, Jocelyn Brewer, describes how although technology is an amazing tool, it has the very real potential to affect our Mental Fitness. Jocelyn explains what the ‘Displacement Hypothesis’ is, what Digital Nutrition actually is and how technology is not all about screen-time or ‘digital calorie counting’. Together, we talk about some practical ways we can all manage our use of technology.
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Michael Bunting

Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking Mindfulness With Michael Bunting – Ep. 1

n this episode, we talk all about mindfulness – which is, put simply, a trained, continuous state of attention. We interview Michael Bunting, The Mindful Leader, who introduces mindfulness practice by illustrating how we can use our daily routines to become more ‘intimate’ with our lives by simply asking ourselves: “can I be fully present in this activity?”. In the interview, we discuss with Michael the many benefits of mindfulness and introduce listeners to the ‘Awaken Mind’ app – which can help users to discover the “why” of mindfulness practice.
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Tal Ben-Shahar Headshot

Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking Happiness With Tal Ben-Shahar – Ep. 2

In this episode, we talk about happiness. With guest Tal Ben-Shahar, we explore the real meaning of happiness and why happiness may be considered the ‘ultimate currency’. We also talk about post-traumatic growth, and the conditions necessary for growth during challenging times and hardship. We also discuss stress, distraction and whether happiness can lead to success. In our conversation with Tal, we explore the ‘upward spiral’ and the value of gratitude.
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Shauna Shapiro

Resilience Agenda Radio – Talking Perfectionism, Self-Compassion & Resilience with Shauna Shapiro – Ep. 6

In this episode, we talk about perfectionism, self-compassion and the present moment. We discuss with psychologist Shauna Shapiro that although pain and suffering is an unavoidable part of life, we all have the resources we need to meet the present moment with kindness and attention. We explore the wealth of benefits of just ‘being’ in the present moment. In our conversation with Shauna we cover what self-compassion actually is, misconceptions about self-compassion and how perfectionism leads to suffering.
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